Dog that looks like Frank Gallagher from US Shameless leaves people in stitches

Dog that looks like Frank Gallagher from US Shameless leaves people in stitches

A dog has left people in stitches over his resemblance to American actor William H. Macy, who plays Frank Gallagher in the US version of Shameless. The cheeky dog captured hearts on social media after his picture was shared on Reddit with the caption: “This dog looks like William H. Macy”.

In the picture, the dog is seen innocently looking down the camera lens while its owner takes its picture. Users quickly jumped on the post to point out how the dog has an incredible likeness to the 73-year-old, with many commenting on their “very similar eyes and noses”.

One user said: “Correction: William H. Macy looks like your dog.”

Another user added: “Honestly, I didn’t even need the comparison photo. That dog straight up looks like William H. Macy.”

A third user said: “I don’t know who this William H. Macy guys is, but that dog looks a hell of a lot like Frank.”

William H. Macy started his acting career by appearing in small, independent films before being cast in mainstream movies and television shows, such as Shameless US, Fargo and Jurassic Park III.

He even voiced himself in a series 17 episode on The Simpsons called Homer’s Paternity Coot.

One user said: “That dog looks more like William H Macy than William H Macy does.”

Another user added: “That dog’s name better be Frank.”

But this is not the only dog who has been compared to a celebrity, as owner Thomas Green, 28, recently made the realisation that his dog looks like Will Ferrell.

He shared his dog’s picture on Twitter after a friend pointed out that the unlikely duo looked alike, and tweeted: “Someone said my dog looks like Will Ferrell and I can’t unsee it now.”

The post quickly went viral racking up more than 260,000 likes – and prompted people to share snaps of their own dogs’ celebrity lookalikes.

Thomas, from Houston, Texas, told The Mirror: “It was actually a dear friend of mine who said that Layla looked like Will Ferrell.

“I just laughed a little bit and pulled up a picture and was like oh my goodness she really does. It was a really good laugh, honestly.”

However, not everybody saw the funny side to Layla’s picture with some users claiming it freaked them out.

One user said: “All the dogs with human eyes honestly freak me out.”

While another added: “This particular breed freaks me out because I always see a human face when I look at this type of dog.”