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Learn About Kangen Water!

The following information will change your understanding of water.  Far too many people today are unnecessarily sick and dying due to a lack of knowledge. It is my goal to permanently change your health, the health of your family and friends by transforming your health so profoundly they all cannot help but pay attention.

The water and beverages ​you and your loved ones are​ drinking right ​now is either 72% of your problem OR 72% of the solution to YOU beginning to achieve true health!

We have been told our whole lives that knowledge is power, right? Well, no actually!  Knowledge is ONLY potential power. Knowledge, without Wisdom and understanding is completely useless, in fact it can be very dangerous. For example: look at the atomic bomb, that’s a perfect example of powerful knowledge without any wisdom!​
​ ​
Wisdom provides you with the understanding and desire to put accurate knowledge to WORK FOR YOU and take action so you will achieve the results you desire.

Here are some basic facts:
Your body is literally 72% water! If you’re drinking tap or bottled water right now, 72% of your body is very toxic, period. In your case, I know you’re doing better than most with structured water.  However, learn some interesting facts as you continue:

  • Your blood is between 83-91% water
  • Your brain and heart are approximately 75-85% water
  • Your skin is approximately 70-75% water
  • Your bones are approximately 18% water

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